BLOODLANDS 2020/2022

Poetry of Ales Plotka, photos of Belarus by Ales Pilski, photos of Ukraine by Stanislav Krupar

Skaryna Press, London, UK. July 2023


AT HOME IN SIBERIA, catalogue to exhibition, published by Czech National Museum, Czech Republic, March 2019


Crossing the Sea in Spanish

CRUYANDO EL MAR published by Capitan Swing, Spain - April 2018


Crossing the Sea in Chinese

Crossing the Sea published by Yeren, Tchaiwan - April 2017



CHALLENGING CHANCES - Flucht im Bild, Book and Exhibition, A project of Laif Angency and Bartelsman Stiftung, Germany - Autumn 2016



Crossing the Sea in Croatian

PREKO MORA published by Sandorf, Croatia - October 2016


Crossing the Sea in Polish

PRZEZ MORZE published by Czarne, Poland - February 2016



Crossing the Sea in English

Crossing the Sea published by And Other Stories Publishing, UK - April 2016


Crossing the Sea in Czech

PŘES MOŘE published by Grada, Czech Republic - December 2015



Crossing the Sea in German

Über das Meer published by Surkhamp, Gemany - October 2014